utilizing the image of a smartphone camera as a wayang kulit character identifier


Indonesia is a country rich in art and culture. One of them is wayang kulit art. Wayang kulit are puppets made from carved leather or wood that are used to portray characters in traditional performances. Today we rarely encounter shadow puppet shows, and rarely even young people who want to pay attention to this traditional art. The number of viewers is increasingly shrinking, currently 80 percent of the wayang kulit audience is over 50 years old. Around 75 types of puppets that have become Indonesia's cultural riches are now extinct. Only about 25 types of puppets that currently still survive with a large number of communities and spectators. WayangAR is an augmented reality android based mobile application software that was built as a tool to display information about the characters of shadow puppets. The patterns of each different wayang kulit characters are used as markers. With the application of this software, users get information about the characters of wayang kulit characters.