Analysis Effect Of Gender In The Acceptance Of Smart City Technology With The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)


Gender differences occur in several domains in daily life, even in the field of information technology. Smart city is one of the current technological developments, smart city is a term in assessing a city that has succeeded in utilizing information technology as a means of supporting the government and the community in providing ease of service. There is a possibility of the influence of gender in a smart city technology. One method that can be used to analyze the magnitude of the effect of gender differences is the technology acceptance model (TAM). The general objective of this research is to analyze the effect of gender differences on the tendency of acceptance of smart city technology using TAM. The method used is to spread the questionnaire, then analyze the data using smartpls software. The results of this study indicate that male gender has a higher level of significance in accepting a smart city technology than female gender Keyword: smart city, gender, technology acceptance model (TAM)