Design of an Internet-System of Landslide Disaster Detection Base Internet of Things (Landslidepad)


Landslide disasters have always been a disadvantage for the people of Indonesia, especially those located in the mountainous slope. The loss resulting from the disaster is not only material but also results in the loss of one's life. Indonesia Disaster Information Data (DIBI) during 2018 Indonesia has experienced 272 landslides. ( Objectives and benefits The design of the Internet-based Lanslidepad (IoT) system is used to detect landslides early. Ground shift data is then received by an application that is already installed on an Android smartphone and will activate an alarm if a shift has occurred within a predetermined distance. In the android application has also been given several features to conduct periodic checks in the form of soil conditions to anticipate the consequences caused by landslides. There are also features in the form of licensing services if the community wants to cut down trees or build houses on the slopes of the mountains. Helps provide information on tree felling permits by the Perhutani Regional Government so that illegal logging does not occur which results in a landslide disaster. The method used is a prototype method with steps starting Identify Basic Requirements Collecting data needs that are used to build Lanslidepad, Develop Initial Prototype Designing Lanslidepad to be built, User Review IOT-based Lanslidepad Application equipped with IOS and android then evaluated by the user so that it can be known whether it is in accordance with the desired design or not and is used to evaluate errors and deficiencies that need to be corrected, Revice and Enhance the Prototype After getting a user review from the user, IOT-based Lanslidepad is improved for the refinement process so that users can use it comfortably. It is hoped that the application will become a tool that in real time helps the government in mapping the locations of landslide prone locations. The mapping can also be used as an initial consideration when investors want to open a business area in the area of tourism, hotels, motels, factories or offices in certain areas and predict whether the location to be built for business is safe from disaster or not so that the initial effort to avoid material losses can be anticipated. Keywords: Lansdslidepad, android based, IOS based, IoT based, cloud computing, realtime, landslides, gps