Mobile Based Go-Tumbal Application Using Google Maps API


Information technology has developed rapidly. Various aspects of life have changed, one of them is progress in the field of communication. The information we want can be obtained using a mobile device without knowing geographical boundaries. In the Purwokerto region which is one of the education cities in Indonesia, the use of motorized vehicles especially two-wheeled vehicles is still the dominant means of transportation. With high mobility and effective use and maintenance make motor vehicles the first choice to support activities. But not without risk, sometimes when driving we will be faced with various problems that can hinder the journey. One of them is a leaky tire. When this happens, information on the whereabouts of the nearest tire patcher is a top priority. Based on this the authors provide a solution by making the closest patchwork search application in the Purwokerto area. The technique used by the authors in collecting data is the method of observation, interviews, and literature study. The author hopes that the resulting application can later facilitate the search for patchers for motorists who are stuck with leaky tires.