Waste Bank Information System Analysis using Paired Sample t-Test


The Garbage Bank Srayan Makarya Purwokerto is one of the waste banks located in Purwokerto. The Srayan Makarya waste bank was established in 2016. To facilitate the transaction process of managing a garbage bank, the researcher makes an information system that can help the process of recording and reporting. Through the use of the information system application, researchers provide initial conclusions that an increase in speed in obtaining information. The use of information systems applications is also believed by researchers to have a good impact in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and usefulness. Through the collection of respondent data of 36 people, obtained primary data in the form of measurement of the speed of time to obtain information both before and after using the information system application, as well as primary data from the distribution of questionnaires for application users. In testing the hypothesis the test results obtained namely H0 rejected and Ha accepted, because sig. <0.05, so it can be concluded that there are significant differences in the time of presentation of information between before and after using the information system. There was a mean decline from the original 8.8928 to 4.2197, which meant that the time for presenting information was faster. And in the benefits test results obtained by this android-based garbage bank information system application is efficient (93.5%), effective (96.3%), and useful (92.6%). Keywords: Waste Management Information System, Android, Paired Sample t-Test, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Usefulness