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Progres Studi Akhir
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Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Penentuan Penerima Bantuan Pangan Non Tunai Pada Desa Klapagading Kulon Menggunakan Metode Simple Additive Weighting



Poverty is a serious problem in Indonesia. Poverty can hamper people's quality of life, including education, health, and people's daily lives. This poverty problem needs to be handled seriously by the government. One of the government's programs to overcome poverty is social assistance. One example of social assistance is budgeted by the government Non-Cash Food Assistance program (BPNT). The BPNT program has been implemented comprehensively in Indonesia based on a number of budgets and criteria determined by the government. The Klapagading Kulon village government has a pretty heavy task that must appoint and record its citizens to look for poor people who do it manually. Furthermore, the residents who have been appointed will record the residents who are not able to be submitted to the center to get a recommendation from BPNT recipients. So, we need a system that can help to determine the poor, the system is a decision support system. The method used to build this system is the waterfall method, with the stages of needs analysis, system design, program code writing, system testing, application and maintenance programs. This system analysis uses white box testing, black box testing, reliability testing, validation testing. In the benefit test obtained a percentage for the attribute efficiency of 97,33%, usability 100%, learnability 91,5%, and acceptability 100%. The system development method used is simple additive weighting, with stages determining criteria, determining compatibility ratings, making decision matrices based on criteria, the final results obtained from the ranking process. The programming language used in this system is PHP, JavaScript, and the database used is MySQL. With this system, it is expected to facilitate the Klapagading Kulon government to determine BPNT recipients accurately and on target.

Kata Kunci
BPNT, SAW, criteria, decision support systems