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Progres Studi Akhir
D3 ‧ Yudisium (Lulus)
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Aplikasi Penggajian Pada SMA Santo Agustinus Purbalingga Menggunakan Visual Basic


Payroll management at SMA Santo Agustinus still uses Microsoft Excel and is still not proper to support the school's payroll activities. Therefore, the existence of this payroll application is expected to help in calculating the number of employee salaries to be more accurate, neatly arranged, and can help the presentation of the required financial statements, with the existence of these reports are also expected to help in taking policy in decision making. The system development method used in this application is the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method with the waterfall model. In making the application, the author uses the Visual Basic.Net programming language, Crystal Report and the database used is MySQL. Data flow is described by Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) and the relationship of entities described by Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). The results of this last project are the creation of a payroll application that can increase salary calculations quickly, precisely and can also produce reports that are useful for Principals to analyze the performance of employees and take policies for decision making.

Kata Kunci
Microsoft Excel, Salary, Visual Basic .Net, MySQL, Reports