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Progres Studi Akhir
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Model Pembelajaran E-Learning Mata Pelajaran Matematika Pada Smp Negeri 2 Kemangkon


The technology that develops in the field of education is E-Learning. E-Learning is a learning system that uses information technology in its teaching and learning process. SMP Negeri 2 Kemangkon is one of the education institutions in Purbalingga district. However, in the process of learning teaching at SMP Negeri 2 Kemangkon, there are still some problems. One such problem is the level of understanding of students who are lacking in math subjects. The lack of students ' understanding of these mathematical subjects was due to difficulties in understanding the existing formulas and calculations. Therefore, most of the students complained of their hard-to-understand mathematical subjects. With existing problems and existing technology, researchers offer alternative solutions using E-Learning Website based. Hopefully, this E-Learning can help increase students ' understanding of learning mathematics.

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E-Learning, mathematics, Website