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Progres Studi Akhir
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Sistem Informasi Pencatatan Dan Pendaftaran Sakramen Pada Gereja Katolik Santa Maria Fatima Brebes Berbasis Website


The Santa Maria Fatima Brebes Catholic Church is a Catholic church located on Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 13 Brebes, northern dean of the purwokerto diocese. Until now, in the delivery of information relating to the church and other activities such as the registration of the church's sacraments and print reports of the people receiving the sacraments are still done manually in the form of sheets of paper making it less effective and efficient. Because the printing of paper-shaped reports are prone to paper loss and damage. These conditions will hamper the admin's work so that the resulting report is not accurate. To overcome these problems, the church needs a good information system containing general information about the church, registration of the sacrament to printing reports by the admin. The method used to design the system is the prototype method. The system was created using the PHP programming language and Mysql database, which were analyzed using White Box, Black Box, Hypothesis Testing, Normalization Test, Validity Test, Reliability Test and Benefit Test. The result of the system made is the Sacrament Registration and Registration Information System at the Santa Maria Fatima Brebes Catholic Church based on the Website. The information system outcome is to produce a system that more helps the church in the process of recording and registering the sacrament to be more effective and efficient.

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Church, Information System, Registration, Community, Website