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Progres Studi Akhir
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Sistem Informasi Reservasi Service Motor Dengan Menggunakan Metode Antrian FIFO Untuk Meningkatkan Efisiensi Pada CV New Teguh Jaya Motor (TJM) Berbasis Web


This research entitled Web-Based Motorcycle Service Reservation Information System Using the FIFO Queue Method to Improve Efficiency in CV New Teguh Jaya Motor (TJM). The purpose of this research is to make online Website Reservation Service. For online reservation, customers or potential customers only need to access the CV New TJM website and log in to their accounts for those who already have an account on the CV New TJM website, if they do not have an account, potential customers can sign up or register an account to become a member. Reservation then can be made by filling out the available reservation form. The system development method for developing this information system is the prototype. The prototype method is to collect customers needs for software that then will be created, so customers will have a description of the wanted program. This program only provides a software flow simulation display and resembles the real software. In this system development, the author used the PHP programming language by using HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver as text editors, and MySQL as a database. The results of this study are the online motorcycle reservation website, which facilitates customers reservation through the website and come to the auto repair shop and show the reservation code to the employees. The conclusion for this research is to improve efficiency by using queue system and improve work process from the auto repair shop systematically.

Kata Kunci
information system, prototype, PHP, Adobe Dreamweaver, MySQL.



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